Attached To Labels

People are attached to things all over the world and living in New York City, where nature isn’t easily found and shopping is- it can be easy to let your thoughts get attached to labels. The first thing that comes to my mind is exclusive designer labels, such as, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, etc. all the top designers.

Labeling things by what you have or don’t have does not doesn’t define who you are. People get so absorbed in their thoughts, they can become totally unaware of what really is (other people and their surroundings). The ego resists the present moment- it gives more attention to the past and the future. The ego overlooks the now.

“Words, no matter whether they are vocalized and made into a sounds or remain unspoken as thoughts, can cast an almost hypnotic spell upon you. You easily lose yourself in them, become hypnotized into implicitly believing that when you have attached a word to something you know what it is. The fact is: You don’t know what it is. You have only covered up the mystery with a label. Everything, a bird, a tree, even a simple stone, and certainly a human being, is ultimately unknowable. This is because it ha unfathomable depth. All we can perceive experience, think about, is the surface layer of reality, less than the tip of an iceberg.

Underneath the surface appearance, everything is not only connected with everything else, but also with the source of all life out of which it came.”

98% of our thoughts are useless and repetitive. Your ego is a false sense of self identification of form and has an endless desire for more. me and my story/ your personal history which you identify with your past. Most people identify with their story- their failures, successful what has happened. In your essence, that is not who you are- it is no more then a bundle of thoughts, that you believe who you are.

The ego can put you into a box and create limitations based on thoughts and perceptions. For example, going into your story and then labeling it as who you are (e.g.,”I am poor,” “I am overweight”, “I am beautiful”, “I am smart,” etc.).

Eckhart Tolle made a statement last night on the Webcast, “When you ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ You’re not supposed to answer the question, you’re supposed to leave it blank.

I encourage you to make friends with the present moment and be comfortable with who you are as you are- with nothing else defining you.

Rising Above Thought

Eckhart Tolle raises a huge question, “Is humanity ready for a transformation of consciousness?”

Are you able to become aware that there is more than what you see and think there is? Can you be able to be okay with all parts of the whole – both good and bad? Are you looking for a deeper meaning of happiness and fulfillment?

The first step to becoming more conscious is understanding the different types of conversation in your mind. You might see a direct correlation with the thoughts you have to the results of your life. When you become aware of things you don’t like about yourself or your life you must be willing to be responsible for them.

“To recognize one’s own insanity is of course, the arising of sanity, the beginning of healing and transcendence.”

Try to understand your “dark side” (or in Eckhart’s words “insantiy”).

What is your dark side? Those weird habits, those things you don’t want anybody to know about (e.g., how your pick your ear wax when nobody is looking). Are you okay with the parts of yourself that people don’t know and cannot see? Can you examine your thoughts wrapped around the truth you don’t want to admit to yourself or others? Are you truly okay and at peace with these parts of yourself?

When you begin to recognize the chatter in your mind, you then can start to break through limiting thought patterns. Get intimate with those annoying demons in your head and put up a fight. Make love instead of war with them. Get to know what the different voices sound like in your head. The voice that strives for power, the voice that’s afraid and wants to protect you from harm, the voice of desire to be great. What does the devil who wants you to fail sound like? How can you tell it to “Shut the heck up!”?

Begin to understand your ego based thoughts – fear, greed and the desire for power bring “a distortion in your perception of other people and yourself. Through them, you misinterpret every situation, leading to misguided action…”

If you’re motivated by fearful thoughts and take action based on a thought coated with fear, most likely the results will be something that you’re afraid of (e.g., failure). If your motivation has a good intention attached to the thought and a does not have an attachment to the outcome, I will move to a place of acceptance and joy in the experience.

When you understand your motive (fear, greed or desire), you can then release it. Allow yourself to detach from this motivation and move into a place of receptive stillness for growth. From here you can begin to understand and interpret information which can give you an opportunity for expansion beyond your original thought.

Being present to the moment is having healthy motivation and no attachment (thoughts like “this better work out or else…”) to the outcome.

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge.”

This can happen when you examine your inner reality. It’s already there within you, you just have to quiet the ego, rise above thought and listen.

Revolutionary 10 Week Oprah Webcast

a-new-earth.jpg A landmark interactive spiritual event is on the horizon. Starting Monday, March 3rd, Oprah Winfrey and best selling author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle will team up to teach a live weekly webcast centered around Mr. Tolle’s book A New Earth, Oprah’s latest book club selection. This revolutionary webcast is being hailed “the biggest classroom ever”, and is free.

The course lasts 10 weeks, and will be live each Monday at 8pm CST. Each week will cover one of the 10 chapters in the book, with the discussion on our site following the same topic. Sign up is free at

The Flowering of Human Consciousness

It’s not easy to find a flower in the ground in NYC. The only flowers you really see are placed on the streets at Deli stands.

A flower can blossom – wherever, as long as it has water and light. Just as a flower blossoms and expands, being open is a great way to begin the book “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. Be here now, with an open mind and let the words of the book flow through your mind. Allow the process of understanding what the words mean to happen naturally and effortlessly. Trust that if your mind is open – the information will come in organically and your mind will be able to process the information. The more you try to ‘get’ what the book is saying – that is your ego (the voice in your head that tells you “I don’t get it!”), the more difficult it will be. Whether you understand or don’t understand what Eckhart is talking about- it’s great that you’re reading!

If something does not make sense to you- try to break the sentence down and figure out what part doesn’t make sense to you. Come back to it or take some time to give it more thought. Becoming aware of what you don’t understand- is the beginning of becoming more conscious.

From my perspective, it would be fairly safe to say we’re constantly thinking- whether it is conscious or unconscious. These thoughts stem from our internal dialogue (mind & body) which then come to life as we see it – physical reality. The thoughts are the seeds that grow into the garden or jungle you create.

It’s difficult to understand what you cannot see. You cannot see thoughts but human thought is what makes humans the most powerful species on earth.

Take a moment to look around you- the chair you sit in, the computer you type at, etc. all started with a thought which resulted into a physical creation.

Reaching greater levels of awareness within yourself might at first be a painful experience. You might become aware of things you do not want to accept, you don’t like, etc. but it is the first step to creating more peace within. Peace within expands out- which will make a better earth.

Allow your mind to be open, deepen your understanding, and advance your thinking. I’m here to take this journey of “Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” with you. Let this book give you some water and light and allow yourself blossom – even if it’s on the side of the street.